Curatorial Team

Lukas Feireiss

Lukas Feireiss is a cura­tor, artist, and author work­ing in the inter­na­tion­al medi­a­tion of art, cul­ture, and con­tem­po­rary reflex­iv­i­ty across dis­ci­pli­nary bound­aries. He is the edi­tor and cura­tor of numer­ous books and exhi­bi­tions in art, design, and archi­tec­ture. He has taught and lec­tured at var­i­ous uni­ver­si­ties worldwide. 

Stu­dio Lukas Feireiss

© Roman Goebel

Tatjana Schneider

Tat­jana Schnei­der has been a pro­fes­sor of archi­tec­tur­al the­o­ry at TU Braun­schweig since 2018. There, she directs the Insti­tute for His­to­ry and The­o­ry of Archi­tec­ture and the City (GTAS) and the Col­lec­tion of Archi­tec­ture and Civ­il Engi­neer­ing (SAIB). She research­es, dis­cuss­es, writes about, and resists violent—exploitative, spec­u­la­tive, and exclusionary—productions of archi­tec­ture, city, and space. 


© Sebas­t­ian Dorbrietz


The­GreenEyl designs large-scale instal­la­tions and exhi­bi­tions. They trans­late com­plex themes and con­tent into medi­al, visu­al, and spa­tial expe­ri­ences. For Liv­ing the City, they will design an expan­sive exhi­bi­tion archi­tec­ture and, as part of the cura­to­r­i­al team, take on the real­iza­tion of the over­all project. 


© Chris­t­ian Werner


Curatorial and Research Assistance

Mar­i­an­gela Bec­coi (Stu­dio Lukas Feireiss), Michel Griese (The­GreenEyl), Max­i­m­il­ian Lud­wig, Erik van der Most (TU Braun­schweig)

Assisted by

Lisa Schopp, Stephan Will­inger (Bun­desin­sti­tut für Bau‑, Stadt- und Raum­forschung)

General Contractor

The­GreenEyl GmbH (Fred­er­ic Eyl, Willy Sen­ge­wald, Gun­nar Green)

General Management and Direction

The­GreenEyl: Frédéric Eyl, Willy Sengewald

Exhibition Architecture

The­GreenEyl: Diana Bičo

Media Design

The­GreenEyl: Ste­fan Helling, Julian-Antho­ny Hespenheide


The­GreenEyl: Lea Petri­di Andrlíková

Lighting Design

The­GreenEyl: Hen­ning Schletter

Additional Team

The­GreenEyl: Shu-Hua Chang, Valerie Daude, Jakob Engel­hard, Max O’Dell

Graphic Concept and Design

Lamm & Kirch, Berlin/Leipzig


Anna Richter


Ali­cia Reuter

Film Documentation

Emma Rosa Simon


Bian­ka Schulze

Film Editing

Elisa Gon­za­lez Rom­swinkel, Anna Mbiya Kat­shun­ga, Denise Faust

Photographic Documentation

Jörg Brügge­mann, Neman­ja Kneže­vić, Mike Abrahams


Ste­fan Marx

Exhibition Construction

MWB The­ater- und Ver­anstal­tungs GmbH (Math­ias West­ebbe, Mar­tin Beims, Volk­er Bren­ner, Ker­stin Blanken­burg, Ivo Voss, and many more)

Audiovisual Integration

AVMS Audio Video Media Ser­vices GmbH

Lighting Integration

satis&fy AG


sygns GmbH

Graphics Produktion


Object Mounting

id3d-berlin gmbh

Exhibition Operation

x:hibit projects UG (Johannes Krug, Maciej Staw­in­s­ki, Lucas Vel­ling, and many more)

Public Relations

BAM Com­mu­ni­ca­tion GmbH


EINSATEAM (project man­age­ment / con­tent man­age­ment / edit­ing and pro­duc­tion of video for­mats: Kascha Lemke, Antje Mater­na, Jean­nette Merk­er, Katha­ri­na Metz, Andrea Nakath, Lau­ra Raber, Anne Schmidt), Lisa Pass­ing (pro­gram­ming), SICHTFELD Media (film doc­u­men­ta­tion), Reframe (film doc­u­men­ta­tion Dou­ble Fea­tures 2021)